Expose localhost to the www

Expose localhost to the www

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Sometimes when you test you app or website locally, you want to expose it to a customer or to another developer or even QA. I use a great tool called ngrok (available for all major OS platforms) that makes my life super easy as for this task. It is a CLI tool that proxies certain TCP port on your PC to an online server it spins up for you.

Thank you WiseStamp

Thank you WiseStamp

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Today I’m leaving my home. WiseStamp is a place that is much more than work, it was my home for the previous four and a half years. It won’t be fair to summarize my feelings and thoughts about these amazing people in a few lines of text and thus, all that’s left to say is Thank You.

It’s not only about the coolest product and the influence we had on hundred of thousands of users, it’s about the amazing people that I had pleasure to see every single morning.

I learned SO much in this period, there were so many people to learn from, I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met.

My managers, Orly and Yuri, like radars, always made sure that we are surrounded by quality people, personally and professionally.

I’m sad and happy at the same time and thankful for the opportunity and the platform to influence for good on so many people around the world.

<3 WiseStamp